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Writing Makes You Smarter

One of the biggest fears that I have is that someday very soon, writing will be irrelevant. I mean, there are schools that don’t allow kids to actually write out their notes; they actually HAVE to have an iPad or a laptop.


Those of you who know me IRL know that my favourite comic book shop in the world is Toronto’s Silver Snail (now at 329 Yonge St beside the HMV Superstore).


I currently live right across the street from a mall. It’s kind of a curse. Whenever I’m bored, frustrated, annoyed, hungry or feeling the need to walk (it’s cold out, people!), I walk to the mall. This morning I woke up with the intention of just going there for lunch and getting a sub or […]

The Demise Of Fringe

I was late to the Fringe party. That doesn’t really matter since a show is always new to the person just discovering it, but still. I didn’t watch it when it aired and I owned the DVDs for quite some time before I eventually took the plunge into that world. People had told me that if I liked the X-Files, that I would love Fringe, but the problem was that I had never seen all of the X-Files.

Superman, Man of Steel: How Does He Shave?

As you’re all (probably) aware, Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, hits theaters shortly on June 14. Many people, like myself, have super high hopes for the film.

Steps To Finding A Boyfriend

Step 1 – Never shave your legs. Guys love that. Especially if they can braid your leg hair. Trust me, I’m an expert. Step 2 – Shave your armpits. Just because you aren’t shaving your legs doesn’t mean you have to go full Neanderthal. Step 3 – Flail uncontrollably every time something remotely sexy or […]

I Wore Sweatpants In Public (and lived to tell the tale)

By some fairy magic, I managed to get up before 10am without my alarm for once. I didn’t have the urge to go back to sleep and wait for my alarm only to press snooze for the next hour. It was the best. And I went to bed at like 2am! I don’t ever wonder […]

31DoH Day 3: Rear Window

October 3: Rear Window (1954) – Previously, I’ve only ever seen two Alfred Hitchcock movies and they’re probably not the ones that you’d expect. I’ve seen The Birds and I’ve seen Marnie. I own just about all of Hitchcock’s films and I’ve always meant to watch them but just never got around to it… plus […]

What About Bob

Given how much Bob Reyer loves movies (almost as much as he loves comics), calling this piece What About Bob seemed apt. I don’t know everything about him, but I do know those things. And I know of his love for Audrey Hepburn because it’s a mutual love between the both of us and something […]

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls

We’re exactly a week away from the official Toronto launch of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m admittedly also terrified for people to read my story when there are such incredible other contributors putting forth their work but overall, I’m hella proud. This is a humble brag post […]

Wayward Sisters: Interview with Stephanie Cooke (”Miss Monster”)

Q. What were your major influences or inspirations for Miss Monster? A. A while back now, I got obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race and I wanted to write a fun story that capture the essence of that but with monsters. The people, the puns, the pageantry, the cattiness – I wanted to write something that […]

Top 20 Comic Books

I was recently asked to share a list of my Top 20 Comic Books. It’s been a loooooooong time since I did any list like this so I started mulling things over in my head and decided to put something together. I feel as though I’m missing a million things and this list is in […]

Q&A: What’s the best movie that you’ve seen this year (so far)?

I’ve admittedly not seen a lot of movies this year (I’ve spent a lot of my downtime bingeing TV shows) BUT with that being said, Captain Marvel has probably been my favourite. As a writer, I want to tell stories that have an impact, and Captain Marvel was not only a wonderful film, but it showed me […]

Holy Crap, My BFF Is Getting Married

This weekend I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at my best friend Amy’s house. I stayed over on Friday since we were headed out for a day of dress shopping on the Saturday. Now, when I say dress shopping, I don’t mean in the sense that we wanted to go to Forever 21 or whatever. […]

First Thoughts On Assassin’s Creed 3

Ok… for any of you who know me IRL, you’ll know that the Assassin’s Creed franchises is one of my favourites. I have been waiting for this game for AGES and I bought it on Day One. Of course, I wasn’t able to play it until a week later, but I’ve finally gotten into it […]

The Sleep Terrorist (aka my cat)

I usually wind up staying awake pretty late. I don’t mean to, but I just sort of get caught up in things that I’m doing and before I know it, it’s 3am. Last night though, I was getting ready for sleep and of COURSE, once I was ready to pass out for the night, my […]

My Journey To Healthy Living – Day 3

I’ve been saying for a while now that I want to get healthier. That was always just something that I said though. I wasn’t doing anything about it. I told myself that I didn’t: have a car to get to the gym have a place to cook my own meals, so I HAD to eat […]

Pay It Forward… to the Humane Society

My Nana (my great-grandma) was 99-years old when she passed away in September. She was never a rich lady, but she loved animals and she loved to help them out in any way that she could. My parents and I bought her a cat from the Humane Society, which she named Stardust. She loved that cat and she was so grateful that the Humane Society brought her that companion.

Where I’ll Be… at NYCC

Hey everyone! I don’t know if everyone is a particularly good word to use to start this off given that I don’t even know if anyone actually reads anything I post here, but you know, whatever. I’ll carry on now. I’ll be in New York for one whole week starting on Wednesday. I’m SO excited. […]

Gettin’ Sh*t Done

This week has been pretty fantastic so far. Not because lots of good things have been happening, but because I’ve been productive as heck. Yesterday I gave you all an update about some things happening in my life right now and I couldn’t have been happier to post about being busy, but being busy sometimes […]

31(ish) Days Of Horror(ish)

Leading up to October, I was all about preparing for a month of watching horror movies. However, as good as I am at planning other people’s lives, I am fairly lousy at planning my own. Mostly when I’m home and not traveling, I try to just work and not plan to do much of anything […]

2014, I Guess?

It’s hard for me to write posts about the last year or so since I genuinely have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast on some days. Today, I do remember though because I made ginger pear pancakes and they were fucking delicious. But that’s besides the point and this all occurred in 2015 so […]

New Years Stuff

I do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I think that it’s a lot better to have life goals because you need life goals rather than to make them because a new year has begun. Or something like that. That being said, 2015 was an incredibly rough year for me. To say that it was […]

My Best of 2017

I think most of us can agree that in 2017 the world was an epic dumpster fire that none of us could put out. That being said, despite all of that, 2017 was one of the best years of my life for a number of different reasons… It’s been a while since I’ve written anything […]

I’m Learning to Play D&D!

After many years of almost starting in a D&D group and having it not pan out, I met up with some friends last night who had invited me to be a part of an upcoming campaign. I am very excited. I feel like D&D is such a massive part of geek fandom and even before it’s […]

Q&A: How many projects do you have on the go at the moment?

The short answer is this: both too many and not enough because of imposter syndrome, and also anxiety. But the slightly longer answer is that I have: Three longform OGNs Five comic editing projects (two ongoing series) Two web sites (Creator Resource and Creator Advisor) Two volunteer organization projects (TCAF and The Canada Comics Open […]

That Time I Learned To Dance The Charleston

Class #1: Charleston Dance Lessons by Frog Jump Swing Dance On Sept. 19, my best friend and I took our first class together. Her boyfriend ripped the tag off the ad for us as a joke and couldn’t have possibly known we would wind up going. As we walked there, there was quite a bit […]

Arrivederci Toronto!

Today is the day that I leave for Italy. It doesn’t feel real. Like, at all. I’ve got two suitcases, my fancy camera and a backpack full of stuff to do on the plane sitting beside me and it STILL doesn’t feel like this is actually happening. I’m headed to Tuscany for two weeks and […]

Apartment Hunting

I’ve been back from Prince Edward Island for almost a year now. That’s almost one whole year that I’ve been living with Oma, with all my stuff packed up in boxes in rooms we don’t go into. It really sucks. My clothes are in plastic drawers and not knowing where anything is, is kind of […]

My Journey To Healthy Living – Day 4

Today wasn’t so much a productive day in the ways of my healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t terrible, it was just a little more low-key. This morning I was really feeling the burn from weight lifting yesterday in my arms. They were stiff and while I like it because I know that my efforts are working, […]

When Moths Attack

Last summer, Fred (who is really named Nicole) and I headed to Toronto Island for a day at the beach. We packed snacks, our bathing suits, towels, sunscreen and sangria, which is basically the greatest boozy summer drink to ever be invented.

Ho Hum….

It’s been a while since I did a proper blog on this thing. I really do keep intending to write but then I get caught up with a dozen other things. So I guess maybe I’ll start things off with an update on what’s going on, if you’re interested in that stuff. I was in […]

Photo Contesting

For the last little while (and the last couple of blogs), I’ve been saying that I really want to put my photography out there more. Right now I’m making an active effort to do my part in making that happen instead of just hoping that someone will notice my work. I’m not out to necessarily […]

31DoH Day 5: Trollhunter

I had no idea what to expect from this movie. My friends have said hokey things about it and yet it has five stars on Netflix. I knew it was a mocumentary film that revolved around, well, Trollhunters. I’ve stated this numerous times but I am a wimp when it comes to horror movies. An […]

Top 10 Books of 2014

I admittedly didn’t read nearly as many novels as I would’ve liked to in 2014 and one of my goals in 2015 is to fix that. However, I love the crap out of lists and I wanted to give props to the excellent books that I did read. I wish I could say that they’re […]

Dating Diaries: A Weekend in Tinder

On a good day, I’d like to call the force that pulls interesting beings towards me my “weird magnet”, but sometimes that really doesn’t do any justice to what exactly I mean. There are a few people who’ve been privy to the crazy that surrounds me (Nikki, I’m looking at you… that day at the […]

Obligatory SW: The Last Jedi Thoughts

I have opinions about pretty much everything so here we are as I’ve decided to collect and share my thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi here. Don’t you run a web site where you could share these thoughts? I mean, yes… I suppose I could post things there but I’d rather leave the site […]

The Halloweekend

It’s no secret to those around me that I love Halloween. I definitely don’t go as all out as a lot of people that I know but it’s up there with my favourite times of year. Who doesn’t love getting the chance to dress up as whatever you want and go to parties and other […]

Birthday Shenanigans

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. I meant to write some stuff up about that, but never got around to it… because this week has been MENTAL. Seriously. More on that later. So again, last weekend was my birthday weekend and I decided to have a little get together at Pauper’s (on Bloor St. in […]


It’s going to be more like “Hello! …And now I’m leaving!” but I’m here in Amsterdam after a six hour flight from Toronto. It was truthfully pretty glorious. For fancy champagne, lots of free booze and some KLM swag. As per usual, I didn’t wind up using ANY of the things I packed to keep […]

Landlord McCray-Cray

The first apartment I viewed was amazing. I found it online and I honestly had a lot of suspicions that it might be a scam of some sort. It was a loft with exposed brick walls. It was well within my budget with all utilities included and it was right downtown. Mind you, when I […]

A Weekend In Boston

I had never been to Boston before. I don’t know if I had ever really had an inkling to go, but Bill and I were headed there for Boston Comic Con, so why not? Well, on April 15, the answer to that was because some asshats decided to bomb the city that day. What a […]

Am I In Love Yet?

I haven’t had the desire to date much over the past year or so (or as Oma has pointed out to me, over 15 months) with a few exceptions. I haven’t had the faintest clue what I was looking for and I was never really home, so it made sense to just not bother and to focus on me.

On a whim, last week at like 2am, I decided to sign up for two online dating sites. Well, one of them initially. And after a week, I’m confused as to why I’m not in love, living in a house, happily married with two kids and a dog. Isn’t that what the television ads tell me will happen?!

NYCC 2013 Wrap-Up

Thus far I’ve written out about five different versions of my NYCC wrap-up. Maybe I waited too long to write it, maybe I can’t quite find the words or maybe I’m suffering from PTSD due to the madness that was that show. Yes, let’s absolutely go to NYCC. It’ll be so much fun! I bet […]

Writing Round-Up (Week of Mar 21)

I’m finally getting back into the whole writing thing after a hiatus that was far too long. It’s funny how when you stop writing, you don’t want to write but the moment you start to write again, you can’t stop. I used to post everything of mine from around the internet up here, but instead […]

A Weekend of Family Fun

There’s a saying that everyone uses when someone complains about their family, “You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends!” or something like that. That saying is obviously very true and I hear it a lot because my family tends to be a little bit on the, uh, quirky side. Yeah, let’s […]

No More Boozing

Since I was legally able to drink (and even a little way before that), I’ve always enjoyed the whole process of going out with friends and getting tipsy. I loved the social aspect of it, I loved how it made me not care what I said and I loved how it made me feel at […]

Tips for Writers

Big fan of the show. was wondering what your experience has been like getting a story published. Any tips for aspiring writers? -Eric Gahagan First off, don’t ever call yourself an “aspiring writer”. If you write, you’re a writer. Whether you get paid for it or not is a completely different story, but you are […]

On Writing: “Home Sweet Huck”

In September of 2016, I entered Mark Millar’s talent search competition for a chance to write a “Huck” story within the 2017 Millarworld Annual. I had written an original script and submitted that into the contest. The prize was a writer’s page rate (as per Marvel/DC), being paired up with an up and coming artist […]

Movie Night: Double Feature Extraordinaires

Movie nights are amazing – especially the kind where you’re at home or a friend’s place and you can get cozy with great company. My friends and I have recently started doing a monthly get together where we pick the ULTIMATE of double features, order comfort food, and watch them. I thought I’d share a […]

Q&A: Who was your biggest influence when getting into the comic industry?

When I was starting in the industry, Kelly Sue DeConnick was one of the first people stepping up for women (that I saw) and taking the time to really encourage them to tell the stories that they wanted to see in the world. She would frequently give out her personal email and information to any woman […]

The First Geek Trivia

On Wednesday September 26, I put together and hosted the very first Toronto Geek Trivia night. The event was held at The Charlotte Room down at King and Spadina and I must admit, that I was FULL OF EMOTIONS. And by that, I mean I was full of nerves. SO MANY NERVES. After set up […]

Welcome to Firenze!

There shall be pictures shortly, but today was my first day in Italy. For Day One of the trip, I’m staying overnight at Hotel David in Florence and it’s BEAUTIFUL… or at least it was once we finally arrived.

Nerdy Ladies Night

On Monday, I headed out to an event at Toronto’s Comic Book Lounge. An event put together by TDot Comics’ Alice Quinn. A night dedicated to the gals of Toronto (and surrounding area) who are into comics. But not before heading to the wonderful home of Fred. Who is Fred (@fred42) you might ask? Only […]

So You Got Dumped…

At the end of last week, right before I was set to take a class to learn how to scuba dive, my boyfriend decided to end things. It was one of those things where I half saw it coming (due to massive amounts of pessimism and emotional baggage and such) and then was also completely […]

Dating Is Stupid

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on here. I meant to upload the latest Geek Trivia from June, but that got sidelined by my new “hobby”. I don’t really consider it a hobby, but my friend Amy says that it is. I’ve been doing the online dating thing for about a month now and while I don’t think that I’ve been going boy crazy, she seems to think so.

Assassin’s Creed III vs. The Franchise

It has taken me less than a week to complete every Assassin’s Creed game to date. I’ve delved into the story, the characters and the history and embraced it wholeheartedly. I was an avid spokesperson for the series believing that it was one of the only games that I’ve ever played that with each game […]

I Love Nashville and I’m Not Apologizing

I watch things while I work during the day. It’s usually just as background noise, so I try to pick things that I don’t really want to watch so I don’t get distracted. It’s a bit silly to have something on that you’re not really watching or paying attention to, but hey, it’s my routine […]

31DoH Day 6: American Mary

I started out this evening by watching a “horror movie” called Detention, but about 5 minutes into the movie, it became painfully clear to me that it was not a horror movie unless the horror of your brain melting to goo after you watched the entire thing was the horror. Netflix gave it five stars […]

Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

This is a mix up of various TV things. On one hand, it’s shows that made their debut this year and on the other hand, it’s shows that had excellent seasons but they’ve already been out for a while or whatever. My Top 5 is unintentionally all brand-new TV shows while the others are a […]

Making A Tinder Profile (For Guys)

I guess I should preface this whole post by saying straight up that I am NOT EXPERT on dating. However, that being said, it’s something I’ve been doing for a little bit now and I have a few insights to share, such as my views on men’s profiles. I’m sure many of the same problems […]

How To Get Press For Your Indie Comic or Kickstarter Project

I’ve been doing freelancing for quite some time at this point. I run the successful entertainment web site, Rogues Portal, and I was previously the Managing Editor of Talking Comics for over four years. I’ve also run and/or been a part of several successful Kickstarter campaigns such as Toronto Comics Anthology (Vol. 4 & 5), […]

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019…Almost

2018 has been a rollercoaster of emotions for pretty much everyone. Politics especially have taken over a big chunk of our lives as we devote a ton of mental space to trying to fight the people who are taking away the rights of so many people. I’ve had a crazy year outside of the general world […]

Q&A: How do you get inspired to write?

There’s no one way for me to find inspiration, but I love to consume movies, TV, podcasts, comics, books…anything that I might enjoy. When I really like something, sometimes it makes me think about how I could tell a story like that and I start crafting ideas around it. Other times, I just have a […]

Nerd Mafia/DWSC Party Crashing

At some point I’ll get around to blogging about the insanity that was my weekend, but right now I’m focused on more present matters… like tonight. I decided to crash the Nerd Mafia crashing the first anniversary of the Toronto Doctor Who Society party. Basically there was a lot of crashing. SO MUCH CRASHING… …ALL […]

Italy Day #2: That Time I Almost Died Climbing Giotto’s Campanile

As you may have deduced from the title, today was my second day in Italy. Woke up bright and early and headed into Hotel David’s breakfast room where we had bacon, eggs, some prosciutto quiche-like thing and other delicious om nom nom’s.  From there, we decided to check out and wander around Florence until it […]

Underground Adventures

On Thursday, I literally had underground adventures with Liz. I forgot to bring a sweater along with me and it happened to be a particularly chilly day in Toronto. Once we met up, I was freezing and I asked Liz if she wouldn’t mind taking the Toronto PATH system. If you’re not familiar, this is […]

TCAF 2013

This weekend is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in, well, Toronto. This is the second time I’ll have attended the show and I couldn’t be more excited. I had known about the convention for ages and never went because I assumed it was a small affair due to the fact that it’s run out of […]

The Boiling Summery Wilds of Minnesota

I’ve been in Minnesota since Thursday visiting my amigo, Bill. It’s been a little while since I’d been down here/up here (since Minnesota is actually technically NORTH of Toronto), so I hopped on a plane and made my way here. Bill lives in the wilds here, so after getting picked up from the airport, I arrived at Casa Willingham. Home of Bill, two cats and a people.

Hey There, Crazy Cat Ladydom

Ever since I got back from NYC, I’ve been in hibernation mode in my room. Today was the first day in a week that I decided to venture out into the world. Wednesday is my usual day to wander around downtown, so I met up with my pals Dani, Fred and ran into all the […]

Cookies and Fire Alarms

Friday night is the night of the week where people get wild and go out and celebrate the end of the work week. They go to parties, throw BBQs, drink and do things that people do. Unless of course you’re a freelancer, in which case the word weekend has no meaning to you whatsoever.

Storytime with Stephanie: “Ma’am, where’s the baby?”

BACK IN THE DAY… (that’s how stories start…) The first time I got pulled over, I was probably about 17 or 18 and driving my 1984 Volvo. I was heading up to Ottawa to collect my best friend at the time from university to bring her back home for the weekend. On the way home […]

An Open Letter to Toy Companies

Dear toy manufacturers of the world, It’s time that we all have a talk with you about what it is you’re doing and the message you’re putting out there for the generations of the future. You are doing a straight-up shitty job. Sorry to be frank, but it’s true. This week marked the beginning of […]

Dating Diaries: First Dates

For a pretty good chunk of my life, I didn’t date. When I first started having interest in going out with boys, I went out on a few first dates but I was in high school and these don’t really count, at least for me. I mean, my parents dropped me off because I couldn’t […]

On Writing: “Behind Enemy Linens”

“Behind Enemy Linens” was a story that I wrote for Little Red Bird Press’ anthology titled BLOCKED. The idea behind BLOCKED was to tell stories about the world of online dating through sites such as Tinder and OKCupid, and specifically, the horror stories. If anyone has followed me for any length of time, you may […]

DnD is happening after all my years!

Yeah so it has taken me a substantial number of years to get around to playing DnD. Not because I didn’t want to but more because every time I’ve gotten close to trying to play, the groups either never happened or just fell apart due to time and what not. A few months back, Miles […]


A lot of people have been asking if I’ll be at NYCC this year. The answer is YES! I am REALLY excited to coming to NYCC 2012 and I’ll be in town in less than a week. I’ll likely have a pretty busy schedule but for those of you who will be there and want […]

Monday Catch-Ups

This past weekend was TCAF. I recently wrote up a big post about the show for Dork Shelf, so you can keep your eyes peeled for that when it goes up. In the meantime, let me ramble on about other things.

Oh wait… what’s left to ramble about?

It’s A Small World After All

For a good chunk of high school, I had a pretty steady boyfriend. Of course, when you’re young, having a boyfriend doesn’t necessarily stop you from having miscellaneous crushes here and there.

Pirate Jim

In 2012, I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and we proceeded to return to the city of Toronto after spending a year on the East Coast in Prince Edward Island. I didn’t have anywhere to go so I moved in with my Oma while I got on my feet again. About a […]

Game of Thrones and a Questionable Choice

When it comes to sexual faux pas in TV, movies, comics and other, I usually leave things to the more eloquently spoken folks to bring these discussions to the table. I wanted to break that sort of rule for a moment to discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones (aka S4 E3). If you […]

31DoH Day 7: The Craft

I may lose some cred but here’s the thing: prior to tonight, I had never watched The Craft before. I know, I know… I missed out on the chance to be a teen wiccan or extreme goth and it’s all somebody’s fault. Sigh. I amended this all now and starting tomorrow I’m busting out my […]


Remember that time when the week was going to be filled with all of my Best of 2014s? HA HA HA HA HA… Oh boy. Sorry guys, I totally dropped the ball on all of that. Lots has been going on and I had an expected trip to Minnesota at the last minute where I […]

Dating Diaries: Do You Even

One of the many plagues of listing that you’re a geek on an online dating site is the dreaded “Do you even!?” line from dudes who half want you to actually turn out to be the geeky girl of their dreams and half just want to be gatekeepers to a community that they still consider […]

The Saga of Salem

It used to be that when I thought of Salem, I thought of the sassy animatronic cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (followed, I suppose, by the town where the Witch Trials took place). However, sometime in December of 2015, I decided to go on a date with someone that I didn’t take the time […]

The Process: Editor Stephanie Cooke On Trying Everything and Keeping an Open Mind

Stephanie Cooke has worked in several different roles within the world of comics, settling into two very different editorial roles as of late: as a freelance editor working on a variety of comics including We Are The Danger, published by Black Mask Studios; and as editor-in-chief for websites Rogues Portal and Creator Resource. The MNT spoke to her about the […]

Casper: Years Later, Does It Hold Up?

I picked up Casper on a whim a couple weeks ago and finally had time to sit down and revisit it today. I LOVED this movie growing up (read: I loved Devon Sawa) and so I thought it would be fun to see how it held up over the years. So Casper? Long story short: […]

Italy Day #4: That Time I Spent Lots Of Money

Behold! Day #4 in a foreign land filled with beauty. What did it hold for me, myself and I? Well… it held stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. It was rainy today, so I figured it would be a good day to go to the shops in the touristey areas and buy some souvenirs and […]

Preparing for France

Bill and I head for France today and I’m pretty freaking excited. I got to Minnesota on Monday so that we could fly out to together from Minneapolis and we’ve been diligently working away on Fabletown and Beyond stuff in an effort to be ready for the convention which is getting closer and closer. I […]

TCAF 2013 Recap

This weekend marked the 10th anniversary of TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Every year, an exclusive number of comic creators and exhibitors gather to showcase their wares to enthusiastic crowds eager to check out what’s available. The show is put on at the Toronto Reference Library, which is easily one of the coolest venues in the city. Multiple floors filled with conference rooms and books at Yonge and Bloor creates the perfect atmosphere to check out new things.

Boston Comic Con Wrap-Up

Back in April, I was in Boston for the original Comic Con. Unfortunately the Marathon Bombings caused the show to be cancelled, but Bill and I committed ourselves to coming back for the show this weekend. As one of the few two days shows remaining, it was weird to get in on a Friday and not have immediate comic stuff to do.

Fitzies With Oma

Even when living with beloved and crazy elderly relatives, you still want to strangle them sometimes. Oma doesn’t quite understand what I do for a living, so oftentimes, she’ll come into my room and pester away at me and lurk over my shoulder saying things like “What are you dooooing, Stephooooney?” Sometimes it’s as easy […]

Sauron and Witch King Brimping

I’ve largely been in hibernation mode since I got back from Seattle earlier this month, partially due to not being able to afford to go out and partially because I really like hibernating. Even the beary best hibernators (ha, get it, BEARY?! Because bears hibernate!) still need to go out and have some social interaction […]

In Defense of Batgirl

I’ve already read a couple of posts on Twitter that make me mad regarding the new Batgirl so I’ve decided to take the time to write something up to give my two cents. Of course, I’ll be discussing Batgirl on Talking Comics next week very probably but I want to address this stuff now. Fans […]

Top 10 Comics of 2014

I think that I’m suppose to do a countdown from 10 to 1 of my favourite comics of last year, but as I’m writing this, I’m still undecided as to how this is all going to be presented to you. I like to keep everyone on their toes! I suppose if you’ve listened to the […]

Dating Diaries: I Can’t Be With You…

If you know me even the smallest bit about me, you probably know that I have a very strong weird magnet. A magnetar level weird magnet. Know why I know what a magnetar is? Did you guess so that I could make life to magnet comparisons accurately? Because that’s the answer. I swear to jeebus, […]