Millarworld Annual 2017

Millarworld Annual 2017

The MILLARWORLD ANNUAL is back! After an international hunt for the world’s best new comic book talent, a fresh crop of creators are taking on Mark Millar’s hit characters. With stories from HUCK to SUPERIOR, EMPRESS to NEMESIS, the second annual is an instant collector’s item.


My story is titled HOME SWEET HUCK: Huck has the ability to find anything and uses his gifts to help his community but what happens when Huck wants to help someone in need who has lost everything? 

Art by: Jake Elphick

Reviews for Millarworld Annual 2017

"This is another successful Millarworld Annual, and I enjoyed delving into each of these six-engaging short-stories. Each story in their own right holds true to the original feel and vibe of the characters they are emulating, with each delivering an interesting take on each of these Mark Millar creations."
-Dana Folkard, Impulse Gamer