Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart

Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart

From world-saving TTC controllers to secrets hiding between the shelves at Honest Ed’s, from giant robot battles over overpriced condos to the true heritage moment of the Clown Brothel Riot, this anthology celebrates everything we love about Toronto (and some of the things we don’t).

With a foreword by Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Essex County, Justice League United)and a new nostalgic cover by Adam Gorham (Rocket!, The Violent), this is our most ambitious work yet.


My story is titled HOME AND COUNTRY: A young woman leaves her friends, family, and country behind to visit her troubled sister overseas in Canada. After being reunited with her sister, she realizes that she might have found a place to call home in this new country.

Art by: Shawn Daley

Reviews for Yonge at Heart

"Toronto is a wonderful city. These are wonderful comics. That can’t just be a coincidence."
-Jeff Lemire (Essex Country)

"Toronto is like a Hellmouth, but instead of evil, it draws outstanding comic book talent. Thanks to anthologies like this, the whole world will know."
-Kalman Andrasofszky (Captain Canuck)