Spring 2019 Update

It’s about that time for another general update. In these seasonal blogs I talk more about my life, what’s happening with the writing, and what’s currently in progress. Let’s begin. Spring is one of my favorite time’s of year. The weather is warm and sunny, it’s not too hot... 

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Presentation is Everything, especially when you’re an Indie author.

Before I get into talking about presentation, I have some news to share. On May 29th through the 31st, I will be attending the New Jersey Librarian’s Association conference at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. And no, I am not a librarian. I will be there to sell books to... 

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How to create story ideas for your novels

How to create story ideas for the uninspired writer. Here’s the situation. You wrote the first book in your series. Book one was around 90,000 words and took you two-three years to write. You have five books planned and by your estimate, it may take 4-8 years to write... 

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Creating my own opportunities

In my last blog post I mentioned how I quit Rockstar Games. If you missed it, a link to the post will be provided in the links below. For today’s post, I talk about life after Rockstar. With no bachelor’s degree to fall back on and no book income... 

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Why I left my dream job at Rockstar Games

There was a point in 2015 where I had entered the big leagues. I landed a dream job to work at one of the most successful video game companies in the world. I joined Rockstar Games in New York City and worked on my favorite R* franchise, Red Dead Redemption... 

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