Writing and Painting are the same thing

While working on edition 2 of The Silver Ninja and my top secret military novella. I realized that writing and painting are the same thing but look different. I would often watch livestreams from Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (who owns the studio I commission for cover artwork) and watch him... 

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Snow Storm Rough Draft (learning to write)

Hi all, For this week’s blog, I’ve decided to share some additional rough drafts. In this draft, Jonas has discovered that his wife has gone missing from the hospital. Armed with a really fast car and a warm winter coat, he braves the snow storm to find her. As... 

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Writing the Re-write: Rough Drafts

Well, the blog post I’ve been dreading is here and no, it’s not the last one. If the title hasn’t given it away, then allow me to pull the band aid now. I’m going to post some rough drafts. But before that, let’s do a quick recap. We talked... 

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